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Based on our experience with the implementation of software solutions at more than 280 companies, MultiSoft Kft. devised a special solution package for most industries. These packages contain the custom needs and workflows that are specific to the individual industry and hence they simplify the day to day tasks of professionals in a given industry.
With our industry-specific modules, corporate workflows can be custom tailored to individual needs in both ERP, and CRM and document management systems.
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Adecco Kft.

Industry: Supply services of personnel

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Is it possible at the implementation of an ERP system that both the client and the vendor are mutually satisfied not only when they sign the contract but also during the installation of the system and even after that they stay in touch? Yes! In fact, it is pretty easy to define what the traits of a successful implementation are. Most important ingredients of the recipe are: paying attention to each other, foresight, time management, collaborative thinking, continuous communication, professional project management at both parties. One of the peculiarities of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system implementation at Adecco Kft. was that they put a non-IT specialist in charge of the project. The implementation was directed by the financial director in whole who, with the summary of his experience and advises, wants to help those companies that need a fluent and efficient roll-out of a system.

Fujifilm Magyarország Kft.

Industry: commerce

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

“In 2010, Fujifilm Magyarország Kft faced a serious task. The 10-year-old ERP system had to be replaced by a more modern one for two reasons: due to change of ownership, we had to send new types of reports within a shorter period of time, which was impossible to do with the old ERP solution. Moreover, the old system’s vendor did not deliver any new development, they only provided basic support for software maintenance. Luckily the parent company gave the Hungarian subsidiary free reign in choosing an integrated ERP system since we knew the local ERP market and could select a system, which could generate reports that the parent company required within the set deadline.”

Tímea Szepesvölgyi, Sales Representative at Fujifilm Magyarország Kft.

Herlitz Hungária Kft.

Industry: Wholesale and retail

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, MobileNAV

“Our year-end inventory in 2012 was 30% less than in 2011 which resulted in savings of approximately 20 million forint. We also calculated how much time MobileNAV needs for return on investment that we spent on implementing the product. We were surprised to find out that already in the first month the cost of our investment returned since our field agents could visit more customers in a single day and create more orders in the system.”

Zoltán Vincze, General Manager, Herlitz Hungária Kft.

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ISV Hústermelést Szervező Zrt.

Industry: Agriculture

Solution: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The owners of ISV Hústermelést Szervező Zrt. made up their mind at the best time to implement a new ERP system. Without that they probably would not be a competitive company since their competitors use some sort of ERP systems for years. 10 years ago, the IT director of the company drew up the idea of implementing an ERP system but the leadership at that time did not approve such an investment. Prolonged preparations have advantages as well though: there was enough time to look around at the Hungarian ERP market and thoroughly think over their requirements. The result: Microsoft Dynamics NAV that MultiSoft implemented was rolled-out at the beginning of January 2010 and has been live ever since. Thanks to this, the company’s manufacturing costs have been significantly decreased already in the first year.

Schneider Autóház Kft.

Industry: Vehicle retail and service

Solution: incadea international dealer management system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Schneider Autóház Kft. implemented the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system in August 2009 as well as its incadea.engine international dealer management add-on. The company implemented the module as per the request of their importer, BMW Magyarország, but they soon realized the add-on’s potential and requested more development from MultiSoft Kft. who deployed the solution.

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