Workflow- and document-management

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Therefore,
and Office SharePoint Online

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Workflow- and document-management

One of the pillars of company competitiveness is the efficiency of workflows and document management. Quick and accurate response to business needs is essential. The vast majority of information is created electronically, and their storage is the basic interests of every company.
To meet the above demands, more and more companies implement a document- and workflow management system beside their existing software (ERP, CRM and so on). With the use of such systems intra-company information flow accelerates, every stage of the workflow will be traceable, thereby giving users – with the appropriate privileges – the possibility of intervention.

In several cases, we may find workflows in the individual business areas that can be standardized. In the light of these processes did we develop our InfokincsTár packages.

InfokincsTár solution packages

  • Categorizing and archiving incoming and outgoing contracts;
  • Search, filter and hierarchical grouping options based on the contract metadata;
  • Interactive interface for querying and listing results; queries are customizable and can be dynamically controlled;
  • Free text search in the content of contracts;
  • Creating logical relations between documents; version control and drawing up an overview of these relations are easy to do;
  • A comprehensive logging feature tracks user access.

Incoming e-invoices:

  • Automatic import from an email account or file server;
  • Automatic authentication check;
  • Verification of invoice if there is no timestamp and signature;
  • Support for converting incoming paper-based invoices, verifying and archiving such invoices.

Outgoing e-invoices:

  • Automatically export invoices from an ERP or invoicing system;
  • Automatic authentication and archival of invoices;
  • Automatically send authenticated e-invoices to customers;
  • Mass authentication and archival of the merchant’s copy of paper-based invoices.
  • Ensuring that the requirements related to importing invoices are fulfilled;
  • Assignment with purchase orders;
  • Tracking the mass processing of invoices with the option of automating the process;
  • Providing intervention, measurement and controlling options in the workflow;
  • Defining approval limits associated with roles or amounts;
  Important workflow control items:
  • Notifications about delayed processing;
  • The possibility of automated escalation as per the Service Level Agreement;
  • Rerouting tasks by the participants.
  • An electronic collection of employee documents;
  • Support for employee on-board-, exit- and recurring processes with workflows and templates;
  • Sharing documents with the relevant parties, making useless e-mail communication obsolete;
  • Holiday planning, approval and tracking;
  • Worksheet management.
  • Unified and searchable register of quality management documents;
  • Comprehensive management of the validity of documents;
  • Change- and lifecycle management of quality management documents;
  • Validity and pre-planned audit management of documents and processes;
  • Distributing documents to the relevant parties.
  • Central support for the preparation of signing contracts;
  • Using sample contracts with the option of filling in the contract automatically;
  • Version control, support for group work on work projects;
  • It is ensured that all contracts undergo the pre-defined approval process;
  • Automatic notifications are sent based on various priorities when due dates are reached.
These InfokincsTár solution packages help companies create a template work process for the recurring business processes but leave the possibility of fulfilling custom needs on an ad-hoc basis. These modules make it possible for every employee to receive an email with their to-dos and access all documents relevant to their tasks. The solutions interact with existing IT systems, retrieve and transmit information from these systems as necessary as well as import data back into the systems after completing a process.

InfokincsTár solution packages are achievable
based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV-, O365 SharePoint Online- and Therefore.

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