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Extra functionality for your ERP system

MultiSoft Kft. also offers add-ons for Business Central and Dynamics NAV. We sell these solutions with our partner network across 5 continents. Our more than 30 years of experience, our commitment to the latest technologies, and the continuous training of our colleagues guarantee the quality of the applications we develop and that they always meet the latest expectations of the market.

We classify our Business Central extensions into two groups. The first group includes extensions that add extra functionality to the existing Microsoft Dynamics enterprise management systems.

The second group contains mobile applications, which aim to easily access the data stored in our Business Central / NAV system outside the office, thus making your life easier during field activities.

Our additional solutions developed for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system

Hungarian localization

Recurring billing scheduler

Master data synchronization app

Our mobile add-ons

General mobile solution for any field activities

Field service applications

Mobile warehouse management

HEP - Hungarian Extension Pack

MultiSoft has created its Hungarian localization called HEP for its customers operating in Hungary. The aim of this is to help Hungarian companies to adapt their system to the current Hungarian legislation.

Once installed, localization keeps track of tax regulation and other legal changes and automatically updates your ERP to comply with the actual legislation.

The following activities are part of the localization pack:

Find more information here: HEP application page

ReBilS - Recurring Billing Scheduler

ReBilS is a plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to manage recurring bills. The add-on gives you the ability to differentiate between your customers and end-users within your ERP system. During the integration, it is possible to upload the concluded contracts into the system, so ReBilS automatically generates recurring invoices. Using the plug-in, you can save time, and it helps you eliminate errors caused by issuing bills manually.

We recommend ReBilS primarily to small and medium-sized companies whose profile includes any of the activities listed below:

You can find more information on the website of MultiSoft Innovative Solutions:

MDSync - Master Data Synchronization

MDSync is a Business Central add-on that allows you to synchronize data between companies within the same database. During the setup process, you can specify the tables and fields you want to sync and create a synchronization model to tell the system how to synchronize your data.

We recommend MDSync primarily to small and medium-sized businesses that:

You can find more information on the website of MultiSoft Innovative Solutions:


MobileNAV is a universal mobile application capable of allowing you to use the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC on your mobile device, making additional features available to users. By installing MobileNAV, you can also work in offline mode and add extra features to the system like:

More information can be found on the website of MultiSoft Innovative Solutions:


Servotion is a MobileNAV based mobile application, specialized in field service activities. Servotion is created to assist field service processes, as well as the dispatchers behind them.

What does this mean exactly? It automates much of their work and makes administration easier to focus on what they are specialized in: service activities and improving the user experience.

Some of Servotion’s key features are:

You can find more information on the website of MultiSoft Innovative Solutions:


With WMS MobileNAV, you can serve more customers from your warehouse in less time. Due to its workflow-driven design, WMS MobileNAV leads the user throughout the processes, preventing them from making administrative errors. It also provides paperless warehouse management, which saves additional time and energy. At the same time, its advanced authorization settings mean that the service does not stop even if a colleague leaves your company or has to be substituted.  

You can find more information on the website of MultiSoft Innovative Solutions:

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