Category-leading, complete office software in an already well-known robe!

Safe and effective work

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a market-leading cloud-based software that increases efficiency in the office: its main goal is to help its users work safely and effectively thus leading to business success.

Focus on teamwork

Whether it's a presentation or even editing shared documents, Microsoft 365's well-known applications make it easy to manage their tasks.

Guaranteed top-notch protection

The applications comply with all data management regulations, and the protection of confidential data and devices is very important. (multifactor authentication, risky entry attempt detection)

Several different companies would like to work together?

No problem! With Teams in Microsoft 365, you can easily share your screen, make a conference call, or allow your partners to take control of your device.

Modern file management

The package includes a 1TB storage service that guarantees file management from anywhere.

Well-known applications

The already well-known Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word ...) are ready to use

Flexible conversation opportunity

Calls, meetings, negotiations from anywhere.

Reasons to choose MultiSoft​

Our company offers a complete solution in the field of corporate governance, customer relationship management and custom software development. In addition to our market leading position in Hungary, we have international channels across five continents.

Our nearly thirty years of experience, the continuous monitoring of the development of technology and the continuous training of our specialists guarantee that we can always serve our customers at the highest level, thus providing them with the opportunity for continuous development. The success of our work is proven by the recognition of multinational companies, long-term partnerships and hundreds of satisfied customers.

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