ReBilS - Recurring Billing Scheduler

Automate your recurring invoice processes with ReBilS!

Say goodbye to manual accounting of recurring invoices!

ReBilS is a financial solution developed by MultiSoft for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. It helps you organize and create recurring invoices with just a click of a button. You can download the app from the Microsoft AppSource and integrate easily with your enterprise resource planning system.

Did you know?

Companies that sell their products or services on a subscription basis or with monthly billing spend several hours each week issuing and sending out very similar invoices. With ReBilS, this time can be reduced to a fraction! With just a single click, you can select pre-entered contracts (the business events for which regular invoicing occurs) and generate hundreds of invoices simultaneously!

Save time and avoid the possibility of manual errors with ReBilS!

Where can it be best applied?

Subscription-based services

Licensed products (e.g. Software licence)

Maintenance contracts (e.g.: periodical safety maintenance)

Rental and leasing businesses

Contractual services (e.g. cleaning service)

Contractual controlling and quality assurance services

Media services (e.g., newspaper subscriptions)

Other services that require recurring invoicing


Contract registration

You can register the business events that you wish to invoice multiple times in the future. The system collects these registrations in a central repository, logging any change you make on them.

Customizable invoicing periods

For each contract, you can set a custom billing cycle that determines the length of the billing period. You can easily configure the duration according to your preferences.

Invoice bulk-generation

With this feature, you can generate sales orders in bulk and, if necessary, consolidate multiple contracts into a single invoice based on custom conditions (such as for end-users associated with a particular partner).

Generation of a contract quote from an existing contract

This feature allows users to generate quotes from an existing ReBilS contract. This is useful for adding new items to an existing subscription.

Are you ready to try ReBilS?

Download the trial version from Microsoft Appsource or from Windows/Android/iOS application store

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