Automated Invoice processor

Automate the administration of your incoming invoices with artificial intelligence!

Have you ever wondered how you could make your accounting processes more efficient?

Learn about the Automated Invoice processor module!

The Automated Invoice Processor module developed by MultiSoft is designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users and helps automate the processing of incoming invoices.

The application, using artificial intelligence, can recognize invoices loaded by the Hungarian Online Invoice module or other data source, so you only need to check the data before posting.

Less manual errors, faster administration

Automatic invoice processing, efficient workflow

Even worth for a few invoices, due to line based pricing


The application is available to any Business Central tenant as long as the incoming invoices are submitted to the ERP system via a standardized data flow. This data stream can be of many types. In the case of Hungarian suppliers, Online Invoice 2.0-based invoices meet this requirement. The downloading of invoices can be assisted by the Hungarian localization developed by MultiSoft and the Online Invoice 2.0 module.

If required, other connectors can be added so that the system can work with EDIs and other standardized data flows as well.

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For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users (BC170 and above)

How does it work?

The invoice lines are analysed by the artificial intelligence built into the module based on the prevoiusly booked invoices – using them as a learning database. At the end of the analysis, it determines how the line should be booked according to the previous administration of the company. The processed invoices are then classified into 3 categories:

  • Verified: These invoices are recognized with very high probability
  • Verified with warning: The system could not identify certain elements (e.g. dimension code) based on the historical data, but the invoice can still be booked. The rules that determine which data are mandatory for accounting purposes can be set individually.
  • Open: In this case, it is not possible to determine the accounting method based on the previously booked invoices. This can be expected, for example, if a supplier is not existing in your Business Central yet.

In the administration interface, you can configure the cases where the system should give a warning, and you can also customize the machine learning model. Once the recommendations are accepted by the user, the Automated Invoice Processor module updates the learning database to ensure the continuous development of the module. 

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Querying supplier invoices

The standardized data from the query is a prerequisite for the operation of Automated Invoice Processor. This can be provided by either an EDI or OCR system, or even an XML feed. To ensure flawless data connection, MultiSoft provides you with a custom made connector for the third-party system.

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Up-to-date database

On a regular basis, the system downloads invoices received the previous day and immediately prepares them for accounting. In addition, the information from the invoices already posted is continuously fed into the learning database, ensuring that the module always gets “smarter”.

Artificial intelligence for efficient processes

The incoming invoices can be categorised by the system using artificial intelligence, based on the data entered previously. The user can also customize the accepted probability thresholds for the categories.

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Easy customisability

The system is flexible and can be tailored to the user’s needs. The client has the possibility to create custom rules and customize the background processes.

Intuitive interface

During development, we have made sure that the module is easy and transparent to use.
The system classifies the processed invoices into different categories (Open, Verified, Verified with warning), which are also colour-coded for easy reference.
Invoices that require checking are grouped together and can be viewed in one place.

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