Custom software development

What is custom software development like?

Every project is different. Therefore before the order, we assess the resources required and select the most appropriate traditional or agile project approach based on your needs and available information. A dedicated test team has been helping our development team since 2005 to keep you as satisfied as possible with our work.

We undertake a full range of construction:

Web application development

Mobile app development

Backend development

Application integration

Some of the programming languages we use:

Platforms we are happy to work on:

When should you think about custom development?

Process automation

Would you like to upgrade your existing system?
Reduce the chances of errors and increase the quality of your service with automated processes!
What are the possibilities of automated systems?

Digital product development

Once you have the idea, just wait for it to be implemented ...
We make the idea of ​​a digital product a reality, be it a mobile application, an integration tool or even a robust cloud-based system!
What does digital product development mean?

Software testing

Automatic or manual testing? We got this!
Ensure trouble-free operation with the help of our independent, qualified testing team!
What do you need to know about software testing?

Process automation

For your business to run more efficiently

can be automated for business tasks
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1 month

By reducing the possibility of manual error, you can improve the quality of your service while reducing the administrative burden on colleagues.

Our experience over the years allows us to keep not only compliance with the specification you specify, but also usability and efficiency in mind during design and development.

From planning to designing the user interface, we are committed to tracking and integrating digital products so we will have the opportunity to further develop and keep the product up to date.

Digital product development

Would you like to start implementing your ideas but don’t have the right IT background? Do you want to start your dream business? Would you like to expand your existing product portfolio with another IT product?

Let our team execute this implementation!


A product which we are proud of:

With MobileNAV, Wilo's response time was significantly shortened. We can serve more customers in less time - all information are much more organized, clear and retrieved faster. It is important that any of my authorized colleagues can see where the task is at any time: this is a great advantage during replacement or during holiday. If I wanted to describe the benefits of MobileNAV, in one word I would say: efficiency growth.”

Erika Prunk , service profit center manager, Wilo Hungary Ltd.

Software testing

Our independent testing team makes sure that your completed product meets your requirements at all levels. During our automatic and manual testing process, we filter out any coding requirements from malfunctions. If it is extremely important to you to minimize system downtime after the full start, it is important that a knowledgeable, thorough team performs software testing.

Our company provides a full range of services from test design to manual and automated testing, during which we reveal bugs that the software developers cannot find.

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Reasons to choose MultiSoft as your partner

Customizability without borders!

Thanks to our expert knowledge gained over the past years, we look forward to hearing from you, regardless of programming language, platform and type of software!

Custom solutions with custom methods

We adapt to the unique development environment and needs of our customers, so we don't sell software, but solutions in our projects.

Quality and success in focus!

It is important for us to serve our customers efficiently and in a customer-centric way, so we always keep quality and usability in mind from the first contact until the follow-up of the software.

Maximum transparency!

During the development, we continuously document the completed modules, so that when the product is completed, you will know exactly which functions were included in the order.
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How do we work?

First, during a meeting (virtual or live), we thoroughly assess the company’s operations, the existing process system, the programs currently in use, and map out the priorities, needs and goals related to the future, imagined software.

In the next phase, based on what has been discussed, we prepare the solution specification in a detailed documentation, in which we record the customer’s needs in detail, plan the possible solution proposals, and then choose from them which variation we can proceed with.

We work out the identified needs and start the development work.
We carry out the tasks and development visual plans on the basis of a specific schedule, which is always reported in detail during the weekly consultation.
* The frequency of the time may vary on request.

During software development, we perform a comprehensive test after each major milestone, thus eliminating the possibility of errors slipping into smaller machines.
Before finalizing and handing over the software, we always compare the “final” solution with the one imagined and set out in the specification to see if the development meets all the criteria.

Last but not least, we hand out the finished solution together with the development documentation to our customer.
After the handover phase, training begins, within the framework of which we teach how to apply the new software in the daily life of companies, thus guaranteeing safe and efficient work.

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