Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s customer relation management (CRM) solution, which improves the efficiency of sales and marketing activity with social information, business intelligence and cloud-based local or hybrid campaign management.

Effective sales

Customers know more than ever; they decide on purchases earlier than you appear at their premises. The sales team has to adapt to the new generation of customers: they have to establish closer relationship with customers and all means of communication should be customized. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can re-think your sales activity to the new type of clients. Sales representatives can have better focus and they can achieve better results over a shorter sales cycle.

Comprehensive care

Social pages and mobility changed clients’ expectations regarding services. Customers expect quality and custom services in line with their own expectations over the Internet, in social media on mobile devices and phones as well. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can provide relevant and custom service to your existing and potential customers anytime over any channel, which allows you to gain their trust on the long run. Provide your colleagues with all necessary means at their fingertips to provide excellent service to your customers.

Getting market share more efficiently

Marketing is changing faster than ever. Marketing professionals take a larger share in getting customers and for that they need new methods over new sales channels. This way, they can provide fascinating customer experience while tracking the results of marketing investment. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps you take advantage of the potential in your marketing team. You can easily plan and execute your campaigns and measure their effectiveness from beginning to end. Bring your marketing ideas to life. Win customers over more sales channels, create forecasts and demonstrate the effect of your marketing activity.

Social features for all

In today’s world, which is built on social networks and mobility, enterprises have to take quicker actions and share their knowledge to a wider audience than ever. Customers shall be approached in accordance with their needs, which impose increased demands on the use of social media. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales, service and marketing teams can provide excellent services to your customers directly with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system’s built-in social tools.

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Comprehensive sales solution

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