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MobileNAV is THE ULTIMATE mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). It ensures online and offline work for typical out-of-office ERP activities, like sales, service and project management. Furthermore, it guarantees real-time tracking of your business, for example, in warehouse and production-related workflows.You can build up your own mobile application without the need of any mobile development knowledge. Each field and functionality is configurable inside NAV, so you can adopt custom modules and even specialized vertical solutions. Simply said, MobileNAV is a new user-interface for Dynamics NAV, optimized for smartphones and tablets. You can access your real-time data and functionality similarly to desktop clients. Offline capability allows to continue your work even without active network connection.

Online and offline

The mobile application is able to operate without internet connection. It records every modification in offline mode then syncronizes the modifications with the Dynamics NAV (Navision) server when you go online.

Deeply integrated

It is deeply integrated to the Dynamics NAV (Navision) system thus it is able to run the same business logic as the all so familiar classic or RTC clients.

Out of the box

Many basic Dynamics NAV (Navision) modules can be used immediately without customizing: sales, service, warehouse, production, project.


Since every company is unique, we designed the mobile application to be as easily and quickly configurable just like the Dynamics NAV (Navision) system itself.

Easy to use

With it’s ergonomic and intuitive user interface it can be used right away, even without training.

Function rich

Many functions help the workflow to get more efficient. For instance, the barcode scanner, PDF and Excel preview, direct printing, digital signature capture, integrated map, e-mail, telephone and browser functionality, and so on.

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How to improve sales performance?

Salespeople can create their offer at the client’s place and after approval it can be easily converted into an order. Of course, instant orders can also be placed and returns are handled by the system, too.To prepare an offer / an order / a return, the salesperson has to select the desired customer. By selecting the customer, the billing and shipping address fields are automatically filled out. The desired product(s) can be easily added to the list with the built-in barcode reader of the application. After selecting the product, the system displays the best price for the customer, and a discount can also be added. The direct connection to the NAV server enables the salesperson to view the balance of the customer and check the current inventory on site. It is also possible to view and print the offer / the order / the return in PDF file format. The signature of the customer can also be registered easily with the MobileNAV application. Salespeople can handle not only the current offers / orders / returns, but also the historical documents (delivery notes, invoices, credits and return receipts).The application takes advantage of the features of the phone as well. It is possible to start calls and send emails directly from the application, and the integrated map helps you with planning the route.

How to improve the service process?

Both time and money can be saved for your business with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution available on mobile devices. The application fully supports the on-site online and offline service, so all data can be recorded on site and important pieces of information will not be lost anymore.Under the Service category of the application’s main menu, the service person can access the „My Service Tasks” sorted by due date or priority.The documentation of the selected service task takes a couple of minutes only.After examining the disabled service item the service person can immediately fill-in the fault code and the resolution code fields. The replacement item can be selected easily with the barcode or QR scanner, and the applied items can be effortlessly entered.At the end of the service process the working hours can be recorded with one click.The photo of the repaired result can be stored with the application.The filled service item worksheet can be previewed in PDF and printed, which can be approved by the customer on site. If there is no printer nearby, the customer’s signature can be captured in digital format as well.The application takes advantages of the features of the phone as well. It is possible to start calls and send emails directly from the application, and the integrated map helps you with planning the route.

How to make your warehousing processes more efficient?

The mobile version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV saves your company time and money. The application fully supports the warehousing workflow, which allows your warehouse agents to perform their tasks on their mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete.The Inventory menu of the application allows you to list your vendors and track the items in your warehouse. You can access your up-to-date inventory lists and start administering your warehouse put-away and warehouse pick processes.The following example provides an overview of warehouse management in MobileNAV. To start the process, open the warehouse put-away list. With the barcode scanner function of the application scan the ID of the warehouse put-away document. This will open the list of items to be stored. Next, scan the ID of the item that you want to handle. You will see the details of the item to be handled. Following that, enter the amount of items to handle that you can either set with the +/- buttons or type manually. If necessary, scan the shelf number with the barcode scanner.Click Post to finish the process and start the standard NAV workflow. The item’s card closes and you return to the list of items to start handling the next item.MobileNAV supports the warehousing process with a number of additional functions, such as warehouse pick, warehouse shipment, warehouse movement, and item reclassification. You can access these functions in offline mode as well in case there is no wireless or mobile broadband connection in the warehouse.

How to make your manufacturing process immediately trackable?

The mobile version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV saves your company time and money. The application greatly supports the complete manufacturing workflow, which makes your production workflow immediately trackable.You can access the available Consumption Journals and Output Journals in the Manufacturing menu. In MobileNAV, you can administer the items used in the manufacturing process in the New Consumption Journal. You can create a new Consumption Journal line and run the built-in barcode scanner function with which you can read the IDs of a production order. Subsequently, enter the ID of the manufactured product with the barcode scanner. Next, you should scan the ID of the consumed item and store it on the card. After selecting an item for production, the item’s description, unit of measure code, and other details are automatically filled in on the card. Following that, you only have to enter the consumed quantity that you can either set with the +/- buttons or type manually. If necessary, you can store the code of the supporting warehouse and lot number and with the barcode scanner. With these simple steps a Consumption Journal is created.MobileNAV supports the manufacturing process with a number of additional functions, such as creating an Output Journal. Naturally, you can also access these functions in offline mode.

Customer testimonial

“Our year-end inventory in 2012 was 30% less than in 2011 which resulted in savings of approximately 20 million forint. We also calculated how much time MobileNAV needs for return on investment that we spent on implementing the product. We were surprised to find out that already in the first month the cost of our investment returned since our field agents could visit more customers in a single day and create more orders in the system.”

Zoltán Vincze, General Manager, Herlitz Hungária Kft.

“With MobileNAV, Wilo managed to improve reaction time. We can serve more customers in less time and information is more neatly presented and quicker to retrieve. It is important that all my colleagues with the relevant rights should be able to see how a task is proceeding, which is an incredible advantage when a technician is on holiday or substituted. If I want to describe the advantages that MobileNAV offer in a word, I would say: efficiency.”

Erika Prunk, Manager of the Service Profit Center, Wilo Magyarország Kft.

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