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Complete Service Solution

MultiSoft developed a comprehensive service solution, which helps you effectively organize, plan and control service activities.
The solution is based on three main pillars:
  • Web-based customer portal
  • ERP system
  • Mobile application
Our solution helps you serve your customers’ needs, organize your resources to achieve maximum efficiency and increase customers’ satisfaction. Tightly integrated information provide the necessary insight to make profitable decisions regarding service activity costs, inventory, workload and financial returns.

Main features

  • You customers can report issues and track their status 24/7 via a web portal.
  • You can have better control over repair and maintenance tasks, parts, costs and the priority of tasks, which, in turn, enable you to achieve better efficiency in managing service requirements.
  • A built-in route optimization tool helps define the sequence of the assigned tasks.
  • It is a mobile application that fully supports the on-site service process which enables you to save all data on the spot in either online or offline mode; therefore you will never lose any important data.
  • A graphic scheduler help the work of dispatchers to assign tasks.
  • Automated system messages make you and your clients up to date about the status of service activity (service technician is on the way, started servicing job, finished servicing job, and so on).
  • If the device to be serviced can send a message about the nature of the issue, the system can automatically generate a service task and a related worksheet.
  • The system can archive worksheets, quotes and orders, making documents searchable and verifiable.

Main function

  • Manage ongoing maintenance contracts;
  • Generate orders automatically for seasonal maintenance based on contracts;
  • Create service orders from client requests or reports via the web portal;
  • When servicing defects/non-planned tasks, it is possible to combine these with planned maintenance tasks;
  • Automatic billing.
  • Record information related to service items and parts;
  • Track serial numbers;
  • Track the lifecycle of service items;
  • Inventory information;
  • Store and display the picture of items.
  • Manage and create service tasks from orders
  • Schedule service tasks with the Graphic Scheduler
  • Allocation of service items and resources to tasks
  • Route planning, and optimization of assigned tasks
  • Dispatcher can allocate tasks between subcontractors;
  • Managing subcontractor invoices;
  • Schedule service tasks with the Graphic Scheduler;
  • Administration of the work of subcontractor’s service technicians and of the parts used;
  • Work on-site on a mobile device in online or offline mode.
  • Assign qualifications to your own resources;
  • Group subcontractor resources based on qualifications;
  • Record qualifications necessary for repairing service items.
  • Managing customer-specific prices, various fee types and categories;
  • Using fee templates;
  • Dividing call-out fees in a tour (when servicing multiple customers);
  • GPS-based call-out fee calculation;
  • GPS tracking of service technicians.
  • Report requests 24/7;
  • Track the status of issues;
  • Evaluation of the repair/maintenance task (with customizable questionnaires);
  • Record information related to service items and parts;
  • Track the lifecycle of service items;
  • Send status report to the client (service technician is on the way, started servicing job, finished servicing job, and so on.).

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Customer testimonial

“We are especially satisfied with MultiSoft’s professional competence, flexibility and problem solving skills. We can turn to them with any problem as they always come up with an idea for everything. Keep going!”

Katalin Fritz, CFO, WILO Magyarország Kft.

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