Warehouse Management Solution

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Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

The application fully supports the warehousing workflow, which allows your warehouse employees to perform their tasks on mobile devices quickly and effectively, making paper-based working obsolete. Thanks to the state-of-the-art barcode reading registration, errors will totally disappear.
The Inventory menu of the application allows you to track the items in your warehouse. You can access your up-to-date stock information (Bin Content, Serial No., Lot No., Expiration Date, etc.).

You can start administering your Warehouse Put-aways and Warehouse Pick processes. You can handle both inbound and outbound processes (Warehouse Receipts/Shipments), as well as moving the items with Transfer Orders or Warehouse Movements.
With Barcode scanning devices your stock-taking process will be faster and easier. You can access these functions in offline mode as well in case there is no wireless or mobile broadband connection in the warehouse.

Pre-configured modules

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Warehouse picks

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Warehouse Put-aways

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Warehouse Receives

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Warehouse Shipments

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Warehouse Movements

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Transfer Orders

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Item Reclass. Journals

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Physical Inventory Journals

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Item management

Main features

  • Real time stock information;
  • Basic and Advanced WMS features;
  • State-of-the-art Item Tracking;
  • Online or Offline operation;
  • Reliable and sophisticated barcode-reading;
  • Configurable function buttons;
  • Can be easily customized for the specific needs of the company;
  • Can be extended with additional functionalities on demand;
  • The application utilizes the NAV business logic;
  • Secure communication (NTLM, SSL);
  • Improves efficiency of field workers;
  • Replaces paperwork;
  • Direct printing;
  • Multi-lingual (English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Iceland, Hungarian).

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Customer testimonial


“With MobileNAV, Wilo managed to improve reaction time. We can serve more customers in less time and information is more neatly presented and quicker to retrieve. It is important that all my colleagues with the relevant rights should be able to see how a task is proceeding, which is an incredible advantage when a technician is on holiday or substituted. If I want to describe the advantages that MobileNAV offer in a word, I would say: efficiency.”

Erika Prunk, Manager of the Service Profit Center, Wilo Magyarország Kft.


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