I don't have an ERP system yet

There is a moment in every company’s life when the administrative tools used in the early stages are no longer sufficient to support administrative work effectively. We can try to postpone the change with proper care and using dozens of Excel spreadsheets in such cases. However, they are not long-term solutions. It only gives overhead to our employees.

How do I know when it is time to change?

Any change at a company can be difficult, especially when it affects all of the employees. Therefore, it is easy to postpone the decision as long as we can. So that, if you have already reached our site, it makes us sure that you have reached that certain point. Nonetheless, we’ve gathered some clear signs which show you, that it’s time to put an end to hesitation:

and the list could go on.

What makes an ERP system good?

The chosen ERP system must be able to support all the functions of the company. This includes everything from invoicing, through warehouse management, to executive decisions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a robust system that has extensive oversight of user needs since 1995. In addition, year after year, Microsoft places great emphasis on the development process, resulting in an encompassing, reliable system that perfectly meets today’s needs.

It is also important that employees with different roles should see different data. In Business Central, you can add roles to your employees to ensure the flow of information for everyone in the company. With easy, drag-and-drop custom pages, everyone can see the most important information when starting the system.

It is also important that the solution chosen is customizable, but these changes are also sustainable in the long run. Unfortunately, for many ERP systems, it is not the case. That is why Microsoft Appsource is available for Business Central, so you can add custom extensions to the base system’s extensive functionality without having to worry about compatibility during deployment and possible upgrades. There are currently more than 3,000 apps in the Appsurce, and the number is growing every day. If you are interested in Multisoft’s add-ons, click on this link. If you still can’t find the desired function, our experts can also create customizations that will always be supported by the latest versions.

Mobility is also becoming increasingly important for companies. Fortunately, Business Central is constantly evolving, so you can now access your data from anywhere by using any device with a browser.

The runtime environment of the system can also be an interesting issue. Maintaining the right server can be extremely costly, so it’s a great advantage to be available in a so-called SaaS or IaaS way. You can read more about the options above and licensing Business Central at the link below.

What kind of ERP system should I choose?

Unsurprisingly, choosing the right corporate ERP system is extremely important. One reason for this is that such an implementation not only involves software development and implementation, but also requires members of the organization to use and become familiar with the system. This can be greatly aided by a clean user interface and easy-to-use menu items. It is equally important that the appropriate roles and the associated permissions and interfaces can be personalized. This is because in a robust, full-featured ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will find the amount of features and solutions that allow you to have it every day. With a personalized and role-specific interface, however, everyone gets the information that matters most. In the case of Business Central, this can be easily set up individually by drag & drop, so that everyone only gets the information they need.

Another important factor in choosing is how customizable the system is. In the case of Business Central, you can download the desired functions one by one from an application store called Appsource. This interface allows downloaded features to remain compatible with later versions of Business Central. Of course there can always be such individual needs for which there is no premade solution. We don’t have to be scared either in this case because at MultiSoft with more than 20 years of experience we can easily develop the solution that is important to you, tailored to your business, and also take care of its version control. 

How does the implementation work?

Of course, we at Multisoft will walk you through the steps above, ensuring that the transition is really smooth.

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