I would like to replace my ERP system implemented by another manufacturer

Why is it advantageous to switch to another ERP?

Business Central is an information system that every small and medium business leader has ever dreamed of. This is because you can easily integrate it into your existing processes while further improving their efficiency.

Information becomes more available, so almost every process speeds up, whether it’s making an important decision, a financial closing, or a year-end inventory. With forecasts, you can easily plan your inventory and schedule your production process. Keep track of your employee workload and take advantage of the opportunities in your business. Thanks to its built-in project management module, you can easily monitor all running procejts.

The system can be accessed from any device (mobile, tablet, PC, laptop) using a browser, so the business does not stop even when you are on the road.

How do I know that Business Central can integrate into the unique processes of my business?

As you tailor your mobile phone to your own life, you can tailor Business Central to your business needs. You can easily do all this using a so-called Appsource. This is a collection page where you can access Microsoft-controlled applications that provide a solution for certain unique functionality – be it special service functions or warehouse management challenges. There are currently more than 3,000 add-ons waiting to be integrated into your Business Central to customize your system. You can read more about additional applications developed by MultiSoft at the link below.

And if you still can’t find a solution within Appsource, ask our developers for help with almost any problem.

How does the ERP implementation work?

  1. Measurement – Detailed Key User Training – Analysis
  2. Convert licenses to Business Central licenses – start a subscription
  3. Integration and development of apps and custom developments
  4. Education, testing phase
  5. Data migration
  6. Go live

Of course, we at Multisoft will walk you through the steps above, ensuring that the transition is really smooth.

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