Switching from third party ERP system

Why should you choose Business Central ERP?

Hence it is easy to fit into any companies processes while improving efficiency, Business Central is the optimal information system for small and medium-sized businesses. 

By using Business Central, it gets much faster to reach any important information, whether you need it for a big decision, annual financial clearance procedure, or annual inventory. With the help of the inbuilt forecasts, you can easily plan your warehouse stock or producing capability. Check your employees’ workload and seek business opportunities. The project management module makes it possible to supervise every ongoing process.

You can reach Business Central from any device using a browser. If you have any kind of mobile phone, tablet, PC, or notebook with an internet connection, you can continue working, without any boundaries.

What makes me sure that Business Central is a fit for my business?

You can tailor Business Central to your business just as you would do it with your mobile phone. By using Microsoft Appsource you can download extensions – all checked by Microsoft – to add custom functionality to your system without the need for expensive custom development. It has more than 3000 unique solutions waiting for you. MultiSoft also has some ready-to-use extensions in the field of warehousing, recurring billing, and mobility. Watch them listed at the following link.

If you need further customization, MultiSoft’s well-prepared development team is ready to welcomes your requests.

About the ERP implementation flow

  1. Survey – Detailed key user training – Analysis
  2. Purchasing Business Central licenses – starting the subscription period
  3. Integration of extensions and customizations
  4. Training and further testing
  5. Data migration
  6. Live system start

Our experts will guide you through these steps to assure a flawless implementation.

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