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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Accounting services

MultiSoft developed a solution for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated ERP, which helps enterprises that do the accounting of multiple companies to analyze financial data more effectively, automate recurring processes and support the work of their home-based employees.

Our goal is that the various components of the accounting solution should help you offer a reliable solution to your clients that covers all business models whatever your clients’ needs are.

You clients may

  • print invoices from their own invoicing system and transfer these data electronically,
  • not have their own invoicing system but would like to access and use their accounting system online,
  • need their own comprehensive system, but would provide remote access to an external agency to do the accounting.

Main features

  • In a single system you can manage companies of different complexity and their business processes in parallel.
  • It is easy to navigate and search, the filtering of information is simple and logical.
  • The majority of the accountancies’ favorite reports are already built into the software. It is also possible to generate further reports and analysis for instance with Jet Reports or the Power BI reporting tools.
  • Non-standard reports that are generated separately can be easily shared with other companies within the system.
  • Recurring accounting tasks, such as payroll, petty cash and bank connections, can be automated.
  • Templates support the creation of new companies in the system.
  • Multiple users with different roles can work in parallel in the databases of separate companies.
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft products making data transfer fast and efficient.
  • Time spent on the accounting of a given company can be easily analyzed.
  • Remote access makes it possible for the clients’ employees to do online queries and for the accountancy to work remotely.

Customer testimonial

“We are especially satisfied with MultiSoft’s professional competence, flexibility and problem solving skills. We can turn to them with any problem as they always come up with an idea for everything. Keep going!”

Katalin Fritz, CFO, WILO Magyarország Kft.

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