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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Manufacturing solution

MultiSoft developed a custom solution to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system for manufacturing companies based on the business processes of such companies.

The custom solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you manage all activities related to manufacturing such as starting manufacturing, manufacturing BOM, material usage, paths, operating time, resources, cost tracking, bottlenecks, Gantt-diagrams, managing manufacturing orders and subcontractors.

The manufacturing solution enables you to continuously satisfy the ever-changing customer needs in real time and to optimize production. You can estimate more precise delivery times based on the overview of free capacity and bookable capacity. The tight integration of production and warehousing functions promotes optimal warehouse layout and use of warehouse space.

Main features

  • Customizable: Parts and production processes are modifiable as necessary which makes it easy for you to adjust to your customers’ needs.
  • Production is optimizable: For production optimization, you can create effective schedules by planning the orders of product families with the same routing.
  • Gantt-diagrams help your work: Production schedules can be displayed on Gantt-diagrams, making processes easy to track and re-plan if necessary.
  • You can extract up-to-date information from the system: The overview of free- and bookable capacity makes it possible to define more precise delivery deadlines.
  • Optimal supply planning: Supply planning can be made in multiple ways and inventory is optimizable./li>
  • Optimal inventory management: The tight integration between production and warehousing functions fosters optimal warehouse layout and use of warehouse space.
  • Complete monitoring is possible: During production, you can monitor item cost, inventory cost, the value of work in progress and of COGS.

Customer testimonial

“Our parent company in Germany uses Navision even today with great satisfaction. For their recommendation we first contacted MultiSoft and after a few personal meetings we were intrigued. MultiSoft’s competence and attitude was very impressive. They find solutions to any problem. The program can be tailored specifically for our company’s ‘unique’ requests. I think the standard is very high and the competence of staff is adequate.”

Róbert Horváth, General Manager, Tolnatext Fonalfeldolg. és Műszakiszövet-gyártó Bt.

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