Project Management solution

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Project Management solution

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP’s Project module enables you to plan and track the resource needs of long-term jobs and projects. The ERP system makes the utilization of labor, machines and other resources transparent. Detailed capacity planning is supported by cost planning and calculations and it is possible to analyze the individual subtasks of a job from a long-term profitability perspective.

Main features

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Cost planning and scheduling of project stages and tasks
  • Tracking resource capacity and its usage
  • Planning and usage of materials, resources and items related to a project
  • Tracking subcontractor fulfillment
  • Invoicing based on actual usage or contract scheduling
  • Up-to-date project controlling
  • Real-time financial and accounting information
  • Connecting web portals and documentation management
  • Precise planning, budget- and resource management

Main features

You can enter multiple resources that you can use either individually or combined into a group. Resource types such as labor, device, subcontractor and so on can be assigned to individual projects as the schedule requires.
Planning capacity and sales in line with management of resource usage and profitability. Planning can be done in the calendar by selecting the appropriate detail level and period. You can track resource usage and get an overview of the capacity, availability and planned cost of the individual resources that you can use for making orders and quotes.
You can define alternative costs for the resources and resource groups. Costs can be defined by an actual value or by percentile or fixed additional fee. The system can handle and invoice fixed price-based and time-and-material-based projects.
  • The system can manage complex projects of several stages.
  • You can copy projects and budgets.
  • You can generate a project-specific price list for the customer who you want to invoice based on items, resources and general ledger entries.
  • You can view the value of work in progress.
  • The multiple currency management function allows you to plan and invoice a project in non-local currencies.

Customer testimonial

“The organization and efficiency using the NAV has increased substantially, which is reflected in our financial reports. I can only recommend NAV to all small and medium-sized businesses.”

Tamás Kretz, General Manager, Schrack-Seconet Biztonságtechnikai Kft.

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