Solution for the Food Industry

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Solution for the Food Industry

MultiSoft developed a custom solution to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system for manufacturing and wholesale companies of the food and beverage industry based on these companies’ business processes.

The custom solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides more efficiency in performing daily operative tasks, generates accurate reports for the management team and for the authorities, and controls the operation of the enterprise’s compliance with legal requirements.

Main features

  • Recipe-based manufacturing helps optimize costs and improve the efficiency of inventory management and procurement.
  • Since the expiration date of a product is calculated from the ingredients, the amount expired and therefore unsalable products is reduced.
  • It is possible to deliver products by expiration date, therefore delivery times and the company’s costs are significantly reduced.
  • Complete traceability lets you know from what, when, where and how an end product was manufactured.
  • In case of complaints, it facilitates easy detection of the root cause of the fault – whether the production process or the raw materials have been the source of the issue.

Customer testimonial

“In 2010, manufacturing costs have been significantly decreased compared to the previous year. Procurement is more in line with the raw material needs of the manufacturing process, which in turn enhanced our inventory management. Now we clearly see that our investment will return in a few years.”

József Kovács, IT Director, ISV Zrt.


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